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Protective case for the transport of Dryshippers

Protective case for the transport of Dryshippers

Protective transport case for shipping of Dryshippers


Some important features:

  • The tank cover is made of resistant plastic encircled by a metal ring (electro-galvanized) which can also be sealed for shipments.
  • The bottom of the tank consists of a resistant bottom and an electro-galvanized metal strip.
  • The walls are made of thick cardboard whose circular shape makes the strength impressive. As with a self-supporting swimming pool, the circular shape allows to hold tons of water with a simple cover whereas a rectangular or square shape would make this approach impossible. This cylindrical form in LINER kraft is ecological and recyclable.
  • UN approval for the transport of dangerous goods.
  • The Dry Shipper is kept in a cocoon of foams optimally cut in the protective container. This allows shock absorption associated with transport.
  • These foams are positioned to protect the bottom and top of the container and the latter is encircled in side bands of 6.5 cm which "center" the metal tank in the protective container.
  • The materials chosen for this protective shell make it possible to keep a contained weight and therefore not significantly impact the price of transport - Empty weight: 2.4 kg/2.7kg.
  • Weight with empty DryShipper YDS3H-50: 6.5 kg/8,7kg.
  • The outside diameter of 38.5 cm greatly increases the stability of the containers during the transport phases.
  • The total height of 53cm (or 63 mm for Dry Shippers with a double-level canister) has been calculated to allow for the placement of an amount of absorption foam and to keep the total volume limited.
  • Both protective container wil be delivered in double corrugated cardboard boxes that may or may not be used for subsequent transport.


A few additional remarks:


1. The production of the container has its clearance certificate for this type of packaging based on the requirements following: ISO 9001/2015


2. This fiber drum is produced in France, and is an ecological and recyclable package.


3. This drum has an authorization for the transportation of dangerous goods under the following conditions based on model regulations: n° 1098, indice 6 for packaging groups: I, II, III.


4.This drum has the following reference documents:

  • road transport: ADR (Part6
  • railway transport: RID (Part6)
  • transport by waterway: ADN (Part6)
  • maritime transport: Code IMDG (Part6)
  • air transport: DOC OACI 9284 AN/905 (Part6)
  • UN recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods. Model Regulations: ST/SG/AC 10/1/Rev.19 (Part6)